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Crossbreed Holsters is a small custom shop that builds a hybrid holster consisting of a leather backing with a Kydex pocket. The Crossbreed SuperTuck that I have is not much to look at but it really gets the job done and it's inexpensive to boot.

I carry a Colt Combat Commander in 45ACP. This is a pretty heavy gun by concealed carry standards. I've gone through several holsters over the years trying to find the best "bang for the buck". I prefer an Inside the Waist Band mode of carry. I'm not a snappy dresser and never wear a suit. Plus in Texas the hot weather makes one prefer lightweight clothing. Given the weight of the Colt and my middle-aged "spare tire" I always had trouble with the gun moving around a lot and/or digging into my side.

The SuperTuck solves all those problems. With its dual belt clips and wide width my Colt is held firm and snuggly at my side. It never moves around and the generous leather backing keeps the slide release from digging a hole in my side. Concealment has not been a problem. I mostly wear my shirts untucked and the big Colt disappears completely. Even though my wife knows I always carry she's unable to tell if I have on the Colt and after a year of using the SuperTuck she still asks sometimes if I'm carrying.

The only issue, and I consider it a small one, is that the wide cut leather backing can make the grip somewhat difficult to get a good hold on. With my Colt's full size frame this hasn't been a problem for me but if your gun has a smaller grip consider having Crossbreed cut some of the backing off in what they call a "Combat Cut". This will give more room for your fingers to get a good grip on the gun when drawing.

If you're in the market for a good, inexpensive IWB carry holster it's hard to beat the Crossbreed SuperTuck.